At Kingston Road Dental Practice our focus is to provide a quality and trustworthy service for our patients.

Emergency Treatment

We keep time aside for emergencies every working day. Priority is given to our registered patients, but we can usually find the time to help a stranger.


Examination and Report

This is the posh term for a check-up. The reason to have this regularly is to pick up on any disease early and treat it before it becomes a problem. Over the years we notice our regular attenders tend to have healthier mouths and fewer emergency visits.


These can be a big help in diagnosis. We have been using digital x-rays for some years now.


Almost all of us get gum disease to a greater or lesser extent. Hygiene treatment is the best way to deal with gum disease. We work preventatively, diagnosing, explaining, instructing, motivating, and cleaning. Whether simple or complex we can deal with your hygiene needs. Our dentist carries out hygiene treatment himself, so there is no need to arrange separate appointments with a hygienist.

Restorative Dentistry


We offer fillings in white or amalgam.

Root Fillings

Root fillings are used to preserve the tooth when the pulp (nerve) is dead or painful. We are equipped with the latest technology for root canal work.


Crowns, also known as caps, are used to strengthen the tooth. We provide a number of types. We can advise on this, depending whether the priority is appearance, strength, or a balance between the two.

Maryland Bridges

Bridges replace missing teeth by attaching an artificial tooth to the next tooth. Maryland bridges just knock the spots off traditional bridges in most circumstances: safer, easier, and better. Rarely is there a need now for a traditional bridge but we can provide these when required.


These are removable teeth. We will do a lot to avoid the need for these. However they have their place and will restore dignity and give help with eating. When dentures are necessary, it is worth making a good job of them. They can have metal frames or be all acrylic. We use high quality technicians and plenty of patience to achieve good results.


When a tooth does need to be removed, we can carry out most extractions in house under local anaesthetic.

Children’s Dentistry

This is where prevention really matters, and we love it. Seeing the children progress in brushing when we have taught them is very satisfying. Having a young parent change the family’s eating habits to give the kids a good start – magic! When treatment is needed, all our fillings for under-15s are in white.

Appointments outside school hours are readily available.


We take a responsible attitude, the health of your teeth being of first importance.

Lightening teeth by bleaching can give a more confident smile. We can provide you with a system to carry this out in your own home. This method gives you more control over the final result.

Veneers are occasionally useful - to change the shape or shade of a tooth. We have these custom made by a premium laboratory.

Other services

There are other problems with the mouth we can help with. These include:


If there is something you need, but we can’t do ourselves, or something we need advice on before we proceed, we will refer to an expert colleague.

Contact one of our caring team today to discuss your dentistry needs and book your appointment